Pricing and Payment

Current Prices (subject to change):

Full-Time Infant (under 2 years): $500/month
Part-Time Infant (under 2 years): $250/month

Full-time Child: $400/month
Part-time Child: $200/month

Drop-In* Infant: $5.00/hour
Drop-In* Child: $4.00/hour

For full and part time children, payment must be made in advance, and is due the first of each month. If desired, payment may be split into two equal payments due on the first and fifteenth of each month. For drop-in children, payment must be made weekly, as agreed upon at registration.

An infant is defined as a child from 0 months through 24 months.

Part-time is defined as 1-25 hours per week.

Full-time is defined as 25-45 hours per week. Extra charge for over 45 hours.

A fee of $40 will be assessed anytime a part-time child goes over 25 hours/per week (up to five extra hours), and is due at time of pick-up on the last day the child is in care that week.  If a child is regularly reaching 30 hours/week, full-time fees will need to be paid.   

A sibling discount of 25% is offered for the second child in the same immediate family.

Partial Months:  If a child is starting care anytime between the 1st and 15th of the month, full payment is expected.  Any child starting care after the 15th of any month will charged only half payment that month.

*Please note that full-time and part-time status take precedence over drop-in status. This means if time slots get filled beyond capacity, it will be the drop-in children that won't have a slot.  Parents who pay for full or part time are guaranteed care for the entire month. Drop-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis week per week.

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